Industrial plants

What we do

Energy production plants

We build plants that produce energy in the form of heat or electricity using their excess production without power or fuel limits.

We hold UNI EN 3834/2 certifications specifically for welding processes and our personnel, experienced in the posing of industrial piping, with specific equipment for and competence in heavy duty carpentry.

Heating and cooling systems

We air-condition production facilities using heating and cooling systems, controlling temperatures automatically and using the most advanced installation technologies.

We always focus our choices on energy saving and environmental protection, and thus prefer highly efficient equipment that allows for reduction of plant management costs.

Air treatment plants

We build air treatment and exchange plants at the service of production facilities, using high quality materials and apparatuses such as high efficiency air treatment units, galvanized and/or stainless steel ducts, polyurethane ducts, PAL, micro-perforated and/or pulsion ducts, etc..

Sanitary water and fire-extinguishing systems

We build all kinds of network servicing water and fire-extinguishing systems destined either for production or for utility areas, using state-of-the-art construction materials and technology.

Gas and technical gas systems

We build management systems for heat production plants that transport methane gas, LPG and pure high-pressure gases for industrial applications.

Supervision and heat regulation plants

We supervise and thermo-regulate the plants with state-of-the-art digital and electronic systems, cabling panels and laying lines directly via our personnel working with specialized sector operators. Focus on heat regulation results in energy saving in the plant’s management and operation phases, allowing the client to lower processing costs and expenses.