Industrial systems

Experience and reliability at the service of the industrial sector

We have implemented and developed specific competencies, an essential part of working in industrial settings, in which design and on-site construction of solutions in a productive environment, the multi-disciplinary abilities of the personnel in adapting installation techniques and meeting the scheduled deadlines are fundamentally important. The experience we have gained with our Customers has allowed us to imagine and develop a branch specifically dedicated to industry and to even the most complex productive systems.

Our added value


In the world of industrial systems, new requirements have emerged over the years, from productive systems to quality and safety standards, from weather conditions linked with the production environments, to new regulations on the workplace.
However, some of the characteristics necessary to be a partner of industrial organisations have remained the same, since they are minimal and basic requisites.
What we offer our customers is the competency resulting from years of experience and dedication to work, maintaining unwavering attention to customer satisfaction.

Multiple disciplines

In modern production plants, there are multiple types of system:

  • Air conditioning systems and systems for maintaining room temperature;
  • Systems for the production and transportation of thermal and refrigerating energy, and of steam;
  • Water treatment systems;
  • Compressed air and technical gas management systems;
  • Air treatment and fume extraction systems.

The ability to take on the design, construction and maintenance of these different types of system, maintaining the utmost quality of operations and of our service standards, builds the foundation of our daily commitment to our clientele and of our mission for the future.

Company certifications

Increasingly, the industries we work with are certified, and they look for partners capable of understanding the value of this feature and of ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
We were among the first companies in our sector to obtain the ISO 9001 certification, recently completed with the “ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Certification” and with the“BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification of Health and Safety in the Workplace”.

Staff qualification

To maintain a high level of quality in the product provided to our Customers, and to maintain Company Certifications, it is essential to invest in the training and competencies of our employees through specialisation courses and projects. For years, we have been training our employees through collaborations with professionals in the sector as concerns specific training linked with on-site production in addition to general training described in Ministerial Decree 81/08 for all safety features.


Experience acquired in the field is the best training the company can provide for its employees, with more than fifty years of ongoing and increasingly specialised work.
The references we have acquired over time are proof of the level of competency and reliability we have reached, making us the ideal partner for the most important Italian industrial organisations.

What we do

Energy production plants

We build plants that produce energy in the form of heat or electricity, making use of their waste, with no limits in terms of power and fuel.
We possess specific UNI EN 3834/2 certifications for welding processes, and avail ourselves of personnel experienced in the installation of industrial piping, equipped with specific tools and competency in the field of heavy metal work.

Air conditioning systems

We provide air conditioning for industrial facilities through heating and cooling systems, automatically checking the temperatures and using the most advanced installation technologies.
Our choices evolve around particular attention to saving energy and protecting the environment. We prefer systems with high energy efficiency, which make it possible to reduce the systems’ operating costs.

Air treatment systems

We build air treatment and ventilation systems serving production facilities, using high-quality materials and apparatus, such as high-efficiency air treatment units, galvanised and/or stainless steel air ducts, PAL polyurethane ducts, and perforated and/or pulsating ducts.
Attention to the choice of materials guarantees the best results and rationalises costs in the operating and maintenance phase.

Sanitary water and fire extinguishing systems

We build all networks serving water and fire-extinguishing utilities, both in productive facilities and in adjacent areas, using the latest materials and construction technology.

Gas and technical gas systems

We build operating systems for heat production plants, transporting methane, LPG and high-pressure pure gases for industrial purposes.

Monitoring and temperature control systems

We monitor and control the temperature of systems using the latest digital and electronic systems, wiring control panels and installing lines directly, using our own personnel supported by specialists in the sector.
Attention to temperature control guarantees energy saving in the system management and operating phase, allowing the Customer to reduce processing costs and expenses.

Some Industrial systems references