Food industry plants

Holländer | Impianti lattero caseari

Holländer and the industrial dairy facilities

The plants we make for the dairy industry have always been the most complicated in our field of work because they are called to solve problems linked to the management of steam, condensation, cold drinking water, well water, freezing cold water and supercooled water, air conditioning, fire-extinguishing systems and compressed air. This field of work requires vast technical and practical expertise in processing the stainless steel used in most of these plants for sanitary purposes.

Our know-how, which we have listed above, is the result of our many years of experience and commitment to our work, collected with a constant eye on customer satisfaction.

Multidisciplinary solutions

  • In modern industrial dairy facilities, a wide range of systems are present simultaneously:
  • Air conditioning and temperature-regulating systems;
  • Heating and cooling systems;
  • Process-serving steam production systems;
  • Water and compressed air distribution and processing systems.

The ability to address all of these disciplines while keeping quality levels at their highest is a mainstay of our mission and the ultimate purpose of our plans for the future.

Company certifications

The industries for which we operate have been acquiring certifications at an increasing rate. For this reason, they need partners capable of understanding this aspect and of guaranteeing compliance with the required standards. Especially in the industry that handles food products, the application of measures for avoiding the contamination of raw and/or semi-finished products is vital.

We have been one of the first companies in our sector to be assigned the ISO 9001 certification, recently integrated with the “ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management” certification and with the “BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety” certification.

Our aim is to bring the quality standards in line with market demands, supporting our Clients as required.

Personnel training

In order to keep high the quality level of the product we supply to the Client and to hold our company certifications, it is indispensable that we invest in training and skill-enhancing our employees via courses and specialization projects.

We have been training our employees for the last fifteen years by engaging professional figures of our sector specialized in all the disciplines regulated under Min. Decree No. 81/2008 and current laws.


Training, as well as the direct experience gained in the field, ensure that we meet the quality standards our clientele expects. We meet these requirements thanks to our modus operandi and to the expertise we have developed and consolidated in fifty years of work in the Trentino-Alto Adige region’s major wine-producing firms.

The references we have collected in this period of time underline our degree of maturity and reinforce the certainty that we are capable of operating successfully in a market segment for which reliability is an indispensable basic requisite.