District heating

What we do

Holländer | Teleriscaldamento

Excavation, backfilling and layer arrangement

We operate with the care and attention this special type of engineering requires, performing all of the construction work necessary for pipe laying. We perform our work in populated centers and industrial districts where the existing subservices and road networks must remain efficient. These works are of significant importance since they are the ones that have a major impact on the local population. We put to work the experience gained over the years to identify the best solution for every situation.

Compliance with work schedules ensures good production and work quality and reduces any problems that might arise from the site’s impact on the surrounding environment.

Pipe laying

We have teams of skilled pipe layers and welders specialized in the laying of pipelines, their alignment and subsequent welding.
Each team of pipe handlers is led by a foreman who coordinates the excavation works so as to be able to plan all of the subsequent welding and pipe-fitting phases.

The foreman’s organizational skills are key to the compliance with time schedules and cost budgets.

Test and inspections

We outsource the testing and inspection of our weldings to external companies.
These companies are located throughout Italy, such as to be able to reduce backfilling times to a minimum.
The prompt execution of these inspections is vital to compliance with pipe laying and backfilling time schedules.

Measurements and “As Build

All of the networks we install are subjected to geo-referenced surveys, the data of which are then filed into a computer database and printed out. This activity allows the creation of an archive of all of the pipelines’ positioning data, so as to make traceability easy in the event of repairs or changes to be made.

The precise positioning of the pipelines is essential for maintenance and/or extension operations.


Together with our suppliers, we design all of the networks we lay, forecasting line expansions and contractions, so as to ensure their long operational life.


We have highly experienced maintenance teams equipped with modern and adequate equipment that can operate on existing networks without interrupting service and can intervene within hours of the emergency call. We make detailed plans for quick and well-organized interventions, reducing to a minimum the impact on local traffic.