District heating

Factors that make the difference

The production of heat in district heating plants is centralized and performed by large-sized generators that are capable of replacing the heaters installed in existing traditional heating systems distributed throughout the territory to be serviced.

When building a thermal energy production plant, we dedicate a great deal of attention to the components that are fundamental for the proper functioning of the structure.

Components quality

The purchase of top quality materials is a key requisite for guaranteeing the plant’s long operating life.

Installation quality

The experience gained by the technical staff in charge of job order management ensures very high quality standards during the installation phases.

Construction drawing

The detailed design of the plants using modern 3D software allows to pre-fab in the workshop, thus reducing on-site installation times.


Attention paid to the maintenance aspects and costs during the purchase of installation materials results in easy management and lower costs for the Client.


The time we dedicate to testing prior to project delivery guarantees customer satisfaction and tests installation quality.