Holländer, the solution to the most complex challenges

Holländer is a company that has been on the Italian market for more than 50 years. We are specialised in designing and executing work in the fields of industrial systems, food, and district heating. Our competence makes us a solid and reliable partner in facing any problems linked with the construction and maintenance of systems, even in the most complex of its expressions.

Industrial systems

The experience acquired in contact with some of the leading companies in Trentino Alto Adige has allowed us to develop a specific branch dedicated to industry, implementing and developing specific skills that require dedicated tools and machinery, essential in working within productive sector organisations.

Systems for Food & Beverage industry

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience serving some of the foremost dairy and wine-making companies in Trentino Alto Adige, we have implemented and developed specific competencies to operate within industrial organisations of the food sector, in which compliance with health conditions, design, and application of customised technical solutions are determining factors.

District Heating

Today, district heating is an important instrument in efficient energy use, serving the community and benefiting the environment we live in. Even in this particular strategic sector, anticipating market evolutions, we have invested in the creation of an internal organisation equipped with all the tools, means and control apparatus needed, and of highly trained and specialised staff and technicians, allowing us to perform internally all processes and all installation and joint welding/insulation.

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